Published: 12th September 2011
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Canis genus name, lupus specific epithet is Latin for each "dog", "Wolf means". Subspecies name is also Latin familiaris, "belongs to the family" and meaning. In addition, English: familiar, French, etc. familier "familiar" also refers to the origin of modern languages.

Dog Carl von Linne (1758) since the species Canis familiaris and has been traditionally independent, gray wolf dog (Canis lupus) theory as one of the variants (year 1993, DEWilson and DAMReeder), but now are being accepted. In addition, differentiated from heresy to the jackals. Primitive canine animal (the oldest ancestor) to be considered Superokion (en, subfamily Hesuperokion canine [en]) is about 38 million years ago (三紀始新世後期前半 of old), Miacidae (en) differentiated from the plains of North America was born. This system is then approximately 23 million years ago (Miocene) is the direct ancestor of the eye is Tomarukutousu subfamily while dogs have evolved further to expand the distribution of Eurasia (en) produced, Afro The adaptive radiation throughout the Eurasian continent, and also believed that the species were wiped out by old age and then moved to the Americas.

Broad "dog" (below) to distinguish it from "Ieinu" (English name: domestic dog) is also called, this is the traditional scientific name C. familiaris (family - dog) corresponding to the designation.

In addition, the broad "dogs" are animals belonging to the canine large (Ieinu, wolf, coyote, jackal, fox, raccoon dog, bush dog, and African hunting dog) is also a generic term in Japan, usage here is not uncommon, when translating Latin, devoted as it seems to represent the translation of the canine or canine dogs "dog kind" is common to distinguish Ieinu as such. The following dogs in competition (except for such Ieinu Yamainu) described only.

Ieinu animals is produced by human hands. Animals are considered to have been domesticated in the oldest, still, as pets or companion animals along with the typical cat Felis silvestris catus, are bred extensively, are familiar.

A stray dog ​​was feral (stray dog, dogs) and I, in Japanese in katakana as if it were a standard Japanese name though "Noinu" is often being referred, the taxonomic species or subspecies The presence is not as distinguished as Ieinu.

See the list for the breed of dog breeds. Currently, Japan Kennel Club (JKC) in, the International Canine Federation (FCI) official endorsement to the 331 breeds, has established a breed standard to register 176 of them.

Globally it is estimated that there are 400 million dogs. 8 different blood type.

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